Baseball Softball World, Inc. is the Best!!!
Baseball Softball World, Inc. is the Best!!!
Baseball Softball World, Inc. is the Best!!!


Program Description

This program is designed to develop the complete hitter. This program essentially changes the role of your instructor from “problem solver” to “developer” of a complete hitter. The program is for students who are committed to maximizing their potential as a hitter and plan on taking weekly lessons for an extended period of time. This program is designed to create the consistency between lessons to allow for a long-term plan to move a student beyond the problem solving stage and into more advanced instruction.

Initial focus will be on breaking down the swing and teaching proper mechanics. This process will be done through thorough explanation and demonstration, primarily utilizing soft-toss and some appropriate drills. The information the student learns will enable them to eventually become their own coach and self correct problems as they occur.

When the student’s swing is mechanically sound, we will work on how to swing correctly to hit high, low, inside and outside pitches. Student will learn the mechanical adjustments related to these locations. This will eventually include hitting live pitching giving the student an opportunity to put every thing they have learned into action.

Next comes the mental side of hitting. This includes a wide range of things such as pitch selection, relaxation techniques, positive thinking and other mental concepts. Hitter will learn how to have a “hitting plan” at the plate. We will create game situations to work the hitter through this learning process.

Developing perfect mechanics takes a considerable amount of time. How much depends on the individual student. Swing improvements should be easily recognizable early in the process. Perfecting the swing, however, takes making continual adjustments that are increasingly smaller as the swing improves and flaws are minimized. A ‘great’ swing is the foundation for success in the later parts of the program.

Each student is unique for many reasons such as personality, body type, coordination, skill & maturity. Instruction will be organized and communicated in a way that will work best with the individual student. The process and outline described above are guidelines. Actual instruction is a fluid process that is geared to helping the student with whatever is needed during each lesson, always addressing the biggest problems first. The end result will be to teach the student all of information listed in the outline, and monitor the development of the students’ mechanics.

Program Outline


1.         Pre-Swing Preparation

            Ÿ          Grip

            Ÿ          Stance

                                    Ÿ          body alignment

                                    Ÿ          weight distribution

                                    Ÿ          set-up routine and consistency

            Ÿ          Load Phase

                                    Ÿ          body alignment

                                    Ÿ          weight distribution

                                    Ÿ          load consistency


2.         Swing Mechanics

            Ÿ          Launch Phase

                                    Ÿ          back knee / leg drive

                                    Ÿ          weight shift

                                    Ÿ          arm slot

                                    Ÿ          hip rotation

                                    Ÿ          launch consistency

            Ÿ          Contact Phase

                                    Ÿ          body alignment

                                    Ÿ          front leg resistance

                                    Ÿ          hand positioning

                                    Ÿ          wrist action

                                    Ÿ          head position

            Ÿ          Release Phase

                                    Ÿ          staying through the ball

                                    Ÿ          head positioning

                                    Ÿ          follow through


3.         Swing adjustments for different pitch locations

            Ÿ          High & low pitch

            Ÿ          Inside and outside pitch

            Ÿ          Body alignments for pitch locations

            Ÿ          Hip and leg actions for different pitch locations

            Ÿ          Rhythm and timing


4.         The Mental Game

            Ÿ          Relaxation techniques

            Ÿ          Playing one pitch at a time

            Ÿ          Process versus outcome

            Ÿ          Controlled aggression

            Ÿ          Pitch Selection

                                    Ÿ          Know your strengths and weaknesses

                                    Ÿ          Recognize a “good” pitch for the count

                                    Ÿ          Pitchers patterns

                                    Ÿ          Understand game situations      

                                    Ÿ          Develop a hitting plan


5.         Related Concepts

            Ÿ          Rhythm and timing

            Ÿ          Tracking ( Vision )

            Ÿ          External Focus

Program Requirements


            Ÿ          30 total hours of instruction  =  60 half hour lessons. Time can be used in 1 hour increments as well.

            Ÿ          Program must be completed with 18 months to get discount on last 10 lessons.

            Ÿ          If you decide to discontinue the program after you have prepaid, refunds will be pro-rated for lessons at the rate of $ 45 per half hour.

Fee Schedule

Payments are due at the start of each set of 10 lessons. Program cost represents 11% lesson discount.


Payment                       Amount                                    Lessons


1st                                  $ 465                                       10

2nd                                 $ 465                                       10

3rd                                  $ 465                                       10

4th                                  $ 465                                       10

5th                                  $ 465                                       20



      Total Payments   $ 2,325         Total Lessons   60     


Note: At completion of program, student will have paid only $38.75 per lesson!


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