Baseball Softball World, Inc. is the Best!!!
Baseball Softball World, Inc. is the Best!!!
Baseball Softball World, Inc. is the Best!!!


Baseball Softball World offers instruction in pitching, batting, fielding, throwing, slap hitting and catching to athletes from beginning to advanced levels of all ages.

Information on this page is related to one-on-one instruction. For information related to group instruction, go here Hitting Classes and Fielding Classes.


Lessons are on-on-one with instructor and student.


Lessons are available by appointment, 7 days a week.


Lesson rates are based on 30 minute lessons.

Lesson packages at discounted rates are offered by most instructors.


Pricing for camps will be available on the Camps pages.


Lesson Rates:

Students taking their first lessons at Baseball Softball World pay $25 for 1 half hour lesson. Offer excludes Don Sarno.

(New) 8U & 6U Softball Pitching Lesson Rates:

1 lesson - $40 / 8 lessons - $270

This package requires an initial payment of $80 to Baseball Softball World. The instructor can be paid in full up-front our with weekly payments.

All Other Lessons:

Rates vary with instructor.

1 Lesson - $50/$55;4 Lessons - $170/$175;8 Lesson Package - $350* (Andy Trevino only)

Andy Trevino's Complete Hitter Program
60 Lessons - $2,250 - See Complete Hitter Program for details.

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