Baseball Softball World is the Best!!!
Baseball Softball World is the Best!!!
Baseball Softball World is the Best!!!


“To develop the ability to hit, baseball or softball, you need great instruction and lots of reinforcement. Andy Trevino gives you that information and inspiration. I believe Andy is the best hitting (and fielding) instructor I have ever seen in my playing and instructional career.”  Don Sarno - International Softball Congress Hall of Fame

"Regarding Kaitlin Cochran... Andy, I just wanted to write to you and to say thank you for all that you have done for my daughters through the years at Baseball Softball World. All of us believe it was money well spent on providing the foundation for the success both enjoyed in competition. As a former professional player, I know personally how difficult it can be to coach your own children in sports. It is however more difficult to find a good TEACHER. It was through listening and watching you teach my daughters that I learned how to effectively communicate what I had learned during my playing career. You provided them with the foundation for becoming advanced players in the very competitive world of travel softball through high school and into college. I would like to thank you for your contributions in helping my daughter achieve her many successes in softball. The tune-ups before nationals or the advice given during the college seasons to help her identify and correct her batting mechanics have been most appreciated. I enjoyed our sitting together and your allowing me to view the game through your eyes. It is these experiences that my family and I will treasure forever.

You are one of the reasons for her success and we always enjoyed our visits to your facility. We also cannot say enough about what a wonderful gentlemen Don Sarno has been to our family. He in our view was the very best pitching coach around. It was a most difficult decision for my daughter to decide to give up pitching to concentrate on becoming the best hitter she could be. Don also was a tremendous resource in his hitting reviews after a pitching lesson. Both of you are such sound fundamental TEACHERS. "
Pat Cochran, Father of Katlin Cochran: Womens National Softball Team, 2-Time National College Player of the Year Finalist, 2007 College National Batting Champ, 4-Time 1st Team NFCA All- American, 3 Time PAC 10 Player of the Year

"Don Sarno is one of the best pitching coaches in the game. He has and continues to help take my pitching game to another level!" Lisa Fernandez, UCLA Pitching Coach, 4-Time USA Olympian, 3-Time National Player of the Year, 4-Time All American.

“Don Sarno has been a great resource and mentor for me for years. He has the ability to teach the art of pitching and breakdown the finer points of how to make the ball break on all planes. Most impressive is his ability to demonstrate each pitch. I believe Don is the most respected pitching coach in the game.” Kelly Inouye-Perez, UCLA Head Coach

“DePaul softball would not be where it is today without the pitching instruction of Don Sarno. His coaching helped DePaul reach three of our four World Series appearances. Former DePaul standout Liza Brown and Julie Luna as well as DePaul All-American Becca Heteniak were or are Don Sarno students. They have pitched successfully at the highest level and they owe much of that success to Don. I simply believe that Don is the best pitching coach in the world. I'm even thinking of flying two of my daughters (who are aspiring pitchers) out to work with him.” Eugene Lenti, DePaul University Head Coach

"Don Sarno is not only one of the most quality instructors that I have worked with, but I would consider him THE instructor to work with in all of California. He was instrumental in my development as a young pitcher, and he continues to be a mentor as I grow in my coaching career. Don was a very competitive pitcher at a high level, and because of that experience, I believe that makes him uniquely qualified as a pitching coach. I know that Don has worked with and still works with Olympic level athletes, and for that reason I would have no trouble sending any level athlete to him for instruction. He is a pioneer in our sport! I really cannot say enough about Don. Thank goodness I have had the opportunity to work with him!!" Dee Dee Kingsbury (Weiman), CSUF Pitching Coach

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